Wheel and Tire Packages

Benefits of Buying a Wheel and Tire Package

When you bundle your wheel and tire purchase at PowerHouse Wheels you save time, you save money, and most important you save worry and hassle. How?

Shop Once

No more driving from store to store or hopping from website to website. When you buy a package from PowerHouseWheel.com you get the whole package: wheels, tires, installation kit. No worries if your tires fit your wheels and no worries if your wheels will fit your car, SUV or truck. PowerHouse Wheels will take all the guessing work out of the equation and guarantees you get wheels and tires that fit. No hassles – no worries. Still not sure what to buy? Just call (813) 591-0551 to speak with a fitment expert.

Save Time

Your wheels and tires package comes ready to install. That means your tires have already been mounted on your wheels and each tire has been expertly balanced before leaving our shop. And there’s never an extra charge for these services when you purchase a wheels and tires package from us.

Save Money

Each Wheel and Tires Package comes with Free Mount & Balance making sure you have everything you need to finish the job right on your driveway. We also provide affordable shipping options via Fedex to ensure all your items arrive unharmed and on time.

Ready to get started on your wheel and tire purchase? Just click here to see an amazing selection of wheels. 


Don’t let a computer system give you standard tire options.  Nothing beats the expertise of one of our representatives. 

Once you select your wheels and are ready to checkout, you will be prompted to add our wheel & tire package product to the cart.  Once we process the order, one of our experts will guide you in selecting the perfect tire for your new wheels.

Some of us prefer to ‘talk it out’ so you can also call us at (813) 591-0551 to speak with an expert on selecting your wheel and tire package.