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Varro Wheels

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Varro Wheels have been in the wheel business for decades. With their in-house wheel designers, they are always at the top of today’s designs and innovations. Varro produces wheels in 19” Inch through 22”. They make Concave Wheels up to 12” wide for the most aggressive applications. Even the Corvette fitment is no problem for Varro wheels with their specially designed 19”/20” Corvette Wheel setup. Varro rims are quality control tested to ensure a smooth ride every time. Each Varro wheel is custom machined on a per-order basis, this ensures a perfect fit every time. So, whether you have a BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Corvette or something else, Varro wheels will have an option for you. Varro Wheels are JWL certified to meet the stringent safety requirements around the world. Varro Wheels have a lifetime structural warranty to provide confidence in their product. They also carry a one year finish warranty and recommend using a mild soap that will ensure a long lasting varro wheel on your vehicle.

Where are Varro Wheels Made?

Varro Wheels are manufactured in Taiwan in a state-of-the-art wheel manufacturing plant.  The wheels are produced and quality control tested to ensure a smooth ride.

Are Varro Wheels Forged?

Varro Wheels are Flow forged or Flow formed.  This process combines a cast wheel face with a forged barrel that makes the wheel stronger and lighter.

What is spin forged?

Spin Forged is Varro’s technology of flow forming their lightweight wheels. This complex process involves the application of heat and pressure to the inner barrel of the wheel, stretching and compressing the aluminum, which increases tensile strength of the barrel.   This development shares similar properties to those found in the forging method.