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What makes Curva Concepts Wheels different?

  • Curva Concepts has been involved in crafting custom wheels for the last two decades and has witnessed many major trend shifts within the automotive space.
  • The company’s wheels are crafted with all applications in mind, including high-performance muscle cars like the Mustang and Camaro, Euro styling of BMW and Audi, and large and compact SUVs.

What kind of wheels does Curva Concepts make?

  • Curva Concepts’ collection of aftermarket wheels contains a wide range of designs and sizes, ranging from 18-24″ in diameter and widths up to 10.5″.
  • Curva Concepts’ newest addition to their wheel collection comes with the introduction of their Flow Forged series of wheels, dubbed the CFF Series . The Flow Forged wheels are much lighter and stronger than their cast line and are built to handle aggressive driving styles