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If you’re not in the wheel industry, the terms Wheel Machining, Wheel Drilling, Redrilling, Inserts, Custom Offsets or more can mean absolutely nothing.

As you read below, you will see not only how these options can broaden your wheel selection but also how it can ‘save the day’ when you need a replacement for a discontinued wheel.

There are 3 basic measurements on a wheels than can be adjusted by means of CNC Machines.  Check out our wheel guide to better understand each of these measurements

Bolt Pattern Drilling / Redrilling

The Bolt pattern, which is made up by the number of bolts and the distance of the circle they create, varies from vehicle to vehicle.  For example, the bolt pattern of a 2023 Honda Civic (5×114.3) will be different than from a 2023 BMW 3 Series (5×112).  Most wheels come ‘pre-drilled’ with the bolt pattern to fit certain vehicles so a 5×114.3 wheel will not fit a BMW.

With our CNC Machines and proprietary software, we are able to modify these holes to the right measurement.  Everything is done within its tolerance to make sure it does not compromise the safety of the wheel.

We can drill ‘blank’ wheels that come without holes from factory, we can also redrill and move the bolt pattern in case you want to fit your wheels on another vehicle.

We get a lot of customers requesting this service because they bought used wheels on Marketplace or Offerup and were told they would fit.  To avoid issues, buy from a reputable store like powerhousewheels.com

Custom Offsets

It’s all about the PERFECT stance… however most wheels come with ‘standard’ offsets that will fit most vehicle but won’t give you the PERFECT look.

Custom offsets allow for the wheels to sit further outward or inward from the vehicle’s hub, altering its stance and overall appearance. This customization can provide a more aggressive or flush look, depending on the the look you’re going for.

Custom offsets can be highly beneficial for vehicle owners seeking to customize their rides to their exact specifications, whether it’s for looks, performance improvements, or upgrade requirements.

With our CNC machines, we can machine ‘blank’ wheels that come at a starting offset based on your vehicle specs. We can also machine ‘already drilled’ wheels up to 10mm depending on the wheel.

Centerbore / Hub Bore Resizing

The vehicle centerbore, often referred to simply as the “center bore” or “hub bore,” is the circular opening at the center of a vehicle’s wheel hub.

The vehicle centerbore plays a critical role in ensuring proper wheel alignment, load distribution, stability, and overall driving performance. It’s essential to select wheels with a centerbore diameter that matches the hub diameter of the vehicle to ensure a secure and precise fitment.

Once again, when buying used wheels, most people don’t realize if this is smaller than your vehicle, the wheels will not fit.

At PowerHouse Wheels, we are able to resize the centerbore of any wheel to properly fit your vehicle.  With the proper hardware and software we ensure this is done in the exact center of the wheel to avoid any vibration or stability issues.

Saving a Set / Discontinued Wheels

Wheels styles change more often that we realize and companies discontinue wheels every year.  If you have a set of aftermarket wheels and happen damage one wheel, you might be looking to spend big money for a whole new set of wheels.  Even if the wheels are not discontinued but are out of stock you’ll be waiting months for a replacement wheel.

If there is a wheel available with a different bolt pattern, offset or centerbore, we can modify the wheel so it fits your vehicle and this way you can save that set of wheels.

Feel free to give us a call or text at 813-591-0551 or send us an email to info@powerhousewheels.com our team of experts help you figure out the best route to take.

Custom Machined Per Vehicle

If you want custom wheels without spending thousands on forged or 3 piece wheels, take advantage of our custom machined brands.  These brands bring wheels and machine them bespoke ‘per order’ so you will be able to select exactly what you want for the perfect fit.

Our team is happy to help guide you in your selection of custom machined wheels.