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More Than you Want to Know About Upsizing Custom Truck Wheels

Whether you take your truck off-road or roam the city streets, you should think about upsizing the wheels on your truck with a set of custom truck wheels by Powerhouse Wheels. Your ride will look sharper and handle better. Here’s what you need to know.


It sounds cliché, but size does matter. Let’s face it; any set of custom truck tires will make your truck look better. When you plus size those wheels, your truck goes from better to awesome in a flash. Swap those 15” wheels on your Jeep for a set of Fuel D576 Assault custom truck wheels and you will see what we mean.

Size aside, you’ll have better control. When you increase the diameter of the wheel, you decrease the height of the tire sidewall. The result is decreased roll and sway and you get increased stability. Add a set of  All-Terrain tires and you get more than just stability. You get free mounting, free balancing.


If you aren’t installing a lift kit at the same time you upsize to custom truck wheels there are some important things to remember:

Rim Offset – Your truck’s suspension axis should intersect with the tire contact patch in the middle. If you change where the tire sits, you can put stress on wheel bearings.

Brakes – Make sure you have plenty of clearance for your truck’s brakes. If you use your truck to haul, don’t forget to allow for changes to the suspension when under a heavy load.

Wheel Wells – Seems obvious, but make sure you have plenty of clearance.


The engineers and designers that originally conceived your truck took into consideration the size of the wheel and tire they imagined the truck would sport. The outside diameter of the tire and wheel determines how much distance the tire travels during one revolution. The speedometer, odometer, traction control, torque and gearing settings on your truck were all based on the distance that the intended wheel and tire assembly would cover. When you change the size of the wheel you have to maintain the overall diameter of the wheel and tire assembly.

The easiest way to remember this is for every increased inch of custom truck wheel you must decrease an inch of standing height in the custom truck tire. This will keep the overall diameter the same. The truck wheel and tire assembly will still cover the same amount of distance in one rotation and the engineers, designers, and your truck’s speedometer, odometer, gear settings, etc will all rejoice.

If you aren’t sure, don’t worry. Powerhouse Wheels guarantees that you only purchase wheels that will fit your truck. Want to talk to a custom truck wheel adviser? No sweat, just call (813) 591-0551 and an experienced wheel professional will be more than happy to give you a hand.


Jeep Wrangler on Black Rhino Armory Wheels

When you upsize for off road riding, be sure to allow for the lift. The custom fitment program will prompt you to enter the size of lift (if any) to make sure you get the perfect fit.

Aside from lift, when you upsize your custom truck wheels for an off road vehicle, you want to pay attention to the finish you select. Remember, since you are upsizing those wheels, you’re going to have more wheel to keep clean. You want to spend your spare time off road, not polishing wheels. So, avoid chrome finishes if you off road.

The Fuel Off Road Hostage is a great example of a custom truck wheel that was built for off road. It’s a great choice for a Dodge Durango or Ford F-150. The black matte finish looks good whether you are mud flinging or mall ratting. It’s a rugged design that is as tough as it looks.

Black Rhino custom truck wheels are engineered to carry heavy loads, making them perfect for off road trucks and SUVs. They use only hard alloys, tough as a real rhinoceros. When you upsize to a set of Armory Deep Lip custom truck wheels by Black Rhino you get an unheard of load rating of 3,250 pounds per wheel. In case you didn’t know, wheel load rating requirements are determined by dividing the truck’s heaviest gross axle weight rating by 2. You can find the axle weight rating for most trucks on the label located on the driver’s side door jamb.

Powerhouse Wheels has a massive selection of custom truck wheels. Whether you upsize and inch or two or just want to keep the OEM size, you’ll find the custom truck wheels you want at unbeatable prices.