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Lifts, Levels and Truck Wheels for All Truck Types

If you are looking to customize your truck, Jeep or SUV but aren’t sure where to start why not start at the ground and work up?  Leveling kits, and lift kits and a new set of truck wheels are all ways to give a more aggressive look to your truck and provide you with a hard core ride. Here’s how.


Suspension leveling kits are the easiest and most economical way to modify your suspension to accommodate larger wheels and tires. Unlike lift kits, which evenly lift the suspension, leveling kits are designed to modify either the front or the back. If you’ve modified your truck so that weight is no longer evenly distributed (like installing a monster wench) a leveling kit allows correcting the imbalance in your suspension. They also give your truck a bold look. They are  vehicle specific, so shop carefully.

Strut Extensions. These leveling kits apply a spacer on top of a factory strut. This is a fairly inexpensive approach because you don’t need to modify factory parts. They are also easily removed if the need arises.

Torsion Keys. Torsion keys replace factory parts. You get the lift by manipulating the truck’s torsion bar. This is a safe and effective method of achieving lift. Most people that level with torsion keys also buy a torsion key adjuster tool to make future adjustments easier.

Coil Spacers. This type of leveling kit is similar to a strut extensions kit. However, the spacer is added to the top of factory spring buckets. So you get the benefit of leveling and still keep the factory stance of your truck.


If you plan on rock crawling, racing in the mud, or just general 4×4 off road wheeling, you probably want to lift your truck. It will give you more clearance, allow for larger wheels and tires, and add major style to your truck.

Clearance. By lifting your truck, you get greater clearance from the ground. This means you are better equipped to ride over boulders and rocks, blaze forest trails, and negotiate off road obstacles. You can handle steep inclines and declines much better as well.

Larger Wheel and Tire Fitment. Probably the most important thing a lift kit can do is allow for larger offroad wheels and tires to be installed. Those larger custom wheels and tires will let you get through deep snow, muddy trails, and over rocky roads.


It doesn’t matter if your truck, Jeep or SUV is lifted, leveled, or just stock; Fuel Off-road, Moto Metal, Hostile or XD Series wheels will make your truck look better.