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How to Buy Wheels and Tires for Maximum Speed

Whether you have a new vehicle and need an upgrade or have an older car and are after more speed and style, PowerHouseWheels.com has the wheels and tires you need to quench your thirst for speed.

You can have the most powerful engine and the smoothest transmission, but if your wheels and tires aren’t up to speed, then when the rubber literally meets the road, you aren’t going to get the performance you want.


Upsizing or plus sizing refers to the practice of increasing the diameter of the wheel. If you go from a 15-inch wheel to a 16-inch wheel it would be called “plus one”. If you are going from a 15-inch wheel to a 17-inch wheel it would be a “plus two”. Upsizing is a great way to dramatically upgrade the look of your vehicle, but the trade-off is greater weight. Per Car and Driver tests, as wheels and tires get larger, they get heavier. This added weight translates into a loss of 0 – 60 acceleration and fuel economy. But you may get better brake life and even better performance if you get lighter racing wheels. Check out the design of these Rotiform R181 ZMO-M. Not only are they built for speed, but the design allows for better air flow over the calipers and rotors, keeping them cool.


You probably haven’t given it much thought, but your car’s speedometer and odometer as well as the traction control, torque and gearing settings are all based on the length that the tire travels during one revolution. This length is determined by the outside diameter of the tire and wheel assembly. So, a tire with a different outside diameter travels a different distance during a revolution with a different amount of torque. If you don’t want your speedometer and traction control to be off, then you have to keep the new wheel and tire assembly as the same overall diameter as the old.


As a quick rule of thumb, to keep the same outside diameter if you go up an inch in wheel size you must go down an inch in the standing height of the tire. This would be a much easier calculation if it weren’t for the fact that the standing height of a tire is measured by how much sidewall it has. So, the hard way is:

standing height = aspect ratio x 2 + the inside diameter of the tire

The easiest way to make sure you have the right combination is to just do your shopping at www.powerhousewheels.com. The exclusive fitment formula insures that your wheels and tires stay within the vehicle’s parameters. Still have questions? Just call Customer Service. They are experts at fitment.


Speed is just one aspect of your tires. Your tires impact your driving experience in 3 ways:

  • Top Speed – How fast your car goes
  • Acceleration – How quickly your car gains speed
  • Handling – How well your car handles turns

The aspect ratio of the tire impacts performance as well. Low profile tires can be uncomfortable if you hit bumps or holes. But since low profile tires have stiffer sidewalls, you get better handling on curves and turns.


Manufacturers use a standard rating method for the safe top operating speed of a tire under ideal conditions. The following is a chart of common speed ratings:

  • Q = 99 MPH, 160km/h
  • S = 112 MPH, 180km/h
  • T = 118 MPH, 190km/h
  • U = 124 MPH, 200km/h
  • H = 130 MPH, 210km/h
  • V = 149 MPH, 240km/h
  • Z = 149 MPH, 240km/h and over
  • W = 168 MPH, 270km/h
  • Y = 186 MPH, 300km/h

Higher speed rated tires are usually made from softer rubber; so don’t be surprised by lower tread life ratings.

For regular street car driving, a V-rated tire would be adequate. Even if you live in states such as South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Montana or New Mexico where the rural speed limit is 75 mph a T-rated tire might do, but not for you. You don’t want adequate. If you hunger for performance and speed, you don’t want a standard street car tire.


No matter your car or budget, trust www.powerhousewheels.com to get you the speed you crave. Need financing?  Check out how to finance wheels & tires with Affirm or give us a call/text at 813-591-0551.