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Wheel and Tire Trends


Car, SUV, and light truck owners are all looking for value as well as style. The brands that deliver performance in a lightweight wheel will be valued for holding the line on unsprung weight and supporting fuel efficiency.

Nobody knows where gas prices will be over the next 12 months. But we know for certain everyone will be careful to get the biggest bang for their buck. Car and truck owners also value their time. As with all consumers, they are looking for a great customer experience, like the one they get shopping online at PowerHouseWheels.com

For example, in the off-road wheel category, the Black Rhino Abrams Wheels is going to be turning heads on and off the trail. It checks all the value boxes because it is well made and comes at a perfect price point. It’s durable and you gotta admit, looks sweet on this Jeep:


With more people turning to the outdoors for adventure and entertainment, off road wheels that deliver value and style are going to be hot. And they aren’t just for Jeeps.  Check out that same Abrams wheel on this Ford:

Those big, beefy spokes; if you can call them that are tough! Whether crusted in mud or cruising the asphalt, this is a go-to wheel.

Now, this focus on value doesn’t mean people are going to be cheap. It does mean that when they part with their cash they want to get the most for it. Like free mounting and balancing when you buy a complete wheel and tire package.



In the light truck, SUV and car market upsizing will continue. According to Curtis Brison, VP of passenger and light truck sales at Hankook tires, “We’re also seeing an increase in rim sizes for tire sales, particularly for 18 inches and up.” Those larger tires are going on larger rims for sure.

How big and bad are these XD Series XD137 FMJ Black Tinted Wheels? Very! This Jeep is ready to rock the rocks and roll over the river and through the woods. XD’s look good on just about any vehicle, on or off the road. That’s why they give you such an excellent choice in fitment. There are multiple 5 and 6-bolt patterns and offsets available in this 16″, 17″ & 20″ wheel.

Upsizing isn’t just for trucks either. This S Class Mercedes is killing the streets styling with 22″ XIX X23 Chrome wheels. The Chrome finish adds a bit extra to this already classy big 4-door sedan.



Electric vehicles are starting to really come into their own. By 2030, the Edison Institute predicts that 7% of all cars and trucks will be electric. That’s way up from the paltry 1% in 2018. The truth is electric vehicles are just getting better. And better vehicles deserve better wheels.

Seriously, check out this Tesla Model X wrapped in Varro VD06Xs. The spokes are ultra slim and sleek to perfectly complement the sleek lines of this Tesla. Is it bold and bawdy enough to make Elon Musk himself blush? Naw but he probably wishes he had thought of it himself.



As 2022 is around the corner, there’s one trend that’s sure to endure. That’s the ease-of-purchase, frictionless, buying experience, and real value you get when you buy wheels and tires online at PowerHouse Wheels.

You’ll find easy financing options, expert fitment, and friendly customer service.

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