XXR 527 Gold



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Product image shown not representative of all configurations. Vehicle specific fitment will change offset, dish and center profile.

Tech Specs

SizeWidthBolt PatternBolt Pattern 2OffsetPriceStockQuantityAdd to CartSKU
Out of Stock15"8"4x1004x114.3+20$149.35Out of stock
Out of Stock
15"8.25"4x1004x114.3+0$149.359 in stock
16"8"4x1004x114.3+20$171.106 in stock
16"8.25"4x1004x114.3+0$171.1042 in stock
Out of Stock17"7.5"4x1004x114.3+40$190.68Out of stock
Out of Stock
Out of Stock17"7.5"4x984x108+40$190.68Out of stock
Out of Stock
Out of Stock17"7.5"5x1005x114.3+40$190.68Out of stock
Out of Stock
Out of Stock17"8.25"4x1004x114.3+25$195.03Out of stock
Out of Stock
Out of Stock17"8.25"5x1005x114.3+35$195.03Out of stock
Out of Stock
Out of Stock17"8.25"5x1005x114.3+25$195.03Out of stock
Out of Stock
Out of Stock17"9.75"4x1004x114.3+25$200.10Out of stock
Out of Stock
17"9.75"5x1005x114.3+25$200.1014 in stock
18"8"5x1005x114.3+42$210.98106 in stock
18"8"5x1085x112+42$210.98123 in stock
18"8.75"5x1005x114.3+35$216.0585 in stock
18"8.75"5x1005x114.3+20$216.0535 in stock
Out of Stock18"9.75"5x1005x114.3+35$221.85Out of stock
Out of Stock
Out of Stock18"9.75"5x1005x114.3+20$221.85Out of stock
Out of Stock

Can’t find the fitment you’re looking for? No problem! We offer in-house custom CNC machining to modify bolt patterns, offsets & more. Call/Text 813-591-0551 or Email info@powerhousewheels.com for more information.



Deep concave wheel design featuring the most unique wheel widths on the market.

Extra wide wheel width and precise offset pairing allow for massive tire stretch fitment.

Super light weight multi spoke design with major X-Factor property to clear large brake calipers on all cars including EVO and STI.

Available in Flat Black, Chromium Black, and Gold.

Other exclusive colors and applications available through select XXR dealers.

For nearly 40 years, we have designed and manufactured aluminum alloy wheels for car manufacturers and numerous aftermarket wheel companies. XXR Wheels was created to fill a void in the aftermarket wheel industry that nobody adressed; that void was a high quality wheel for the grassroots car enthusiast. That is who WE are.

Our styles, fitment, and designs reflect our passion and allows us to truly enjoy our rides. XXR Wheels is now THE standard when it comes to quality, fitment, design, and affordability. The attention to all four of these elements equally defines who we are. WE are XXR.

All XXR wheels go thru the following tests:

  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Raw Aluminum Test
  • Metal Spectrum Analysis
  • Coordinate Measuring
  • Wheel Impact Test
  • Wheel Bending Test
  • Wheel Radial Fatigue Test
  • Air Leak Test
  • X-Ray Test
  • Vibration Test
  • High Speed Rotation Test
  • Corrosion Resistance Test
  • Chemical Resistance Test
  • Accelerated Weather Test
  • Paint Adhesion Test
  • Flying Stone Resistance Test
  • Paint Hardness Test
  • Cap Thermal Cycle Test

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