Asanti Black ABL-23 Sigma Gloss Black / Chrome Lip



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Product image shown not representative of all configurations. Vehicle specific fitment will change offset, dish and center profile.

Tech Specs

SizeWidthBolt PatternOffsetPriceStockQuantityAdd to CartSKU
20"10.5"5x114.3+38$554.003 in stock
20"10.5"5x115+20$554.0013 in stock
20"10.5"5x120+38$554.0031 in stock
20"10.5"5x112+38$554.0042 in stock
Out of Stock20"9"5x114.3+35$525.00Out of stock
Out of Stock
Out of Stock20"9"5x115+15$525.00Out of stock
Out of Stock
20"9"5x120+35$525.0016 in stock
20"9"5x112+25$358.0082 in stock
20"9"5x112+35$525.004 in stock
22"10.5"5x114.3+35$554.0014 in stock
22"10.5"5x115+25$634.00106 in stock
22"10.5"5x120+35$634.0011 in stock
22"10.5"5x112+35$712.0017 in stock
Out of Stock22"9"5x114.3+32$564.00Out of stock
Out of Stock
22"9"5x115+15$564.0040 in stock
22"9"5x120+32$564.0016 in stock
Out of Stock22"9"5x112+32$564.00Out of stock
Out of Stock
24"9"5x114.3+32$899.002 in stock
24"9"5x115+15$899.0013 in stock

Can’t find the fitment you’re looking for? No problem! We offer in-house custom CNC machining to modify bolt patterns, offsets & more. Call/Text 813-591-0551 or Email for more information.


Asanti brings the notion of luxury to the whole new level by delivering unique designs and advanced finish options. We blend together exquisite looks with trend-setting custom finishes to deliver the most opulent forged wheels available on the market today. We pride ourselves with elegant designs and impeccable quality. Knowing that the realm of luxury wheels is extremely competitive, we continually invest in new technologies and improves on the best. Made from the premium aluminum and forged with the ultimate attention to detail, Asanti wheels set standards no other brand can reach.

Asanti is the right brand for all those who seek excellence and accept no compromise. Our customers say that custom wheels by Asanti have it all: neck-breaking design, breathtaking finish, premium materials, and everlasting durability. Asanti wheels are a thick line that separates you from the faceless crowd of clones. This brand knows no equals when it comes to providing luxurious looks and outstanding quality. Thanks to trend-setting design, top-notch material, and skillful craftsmanship, Asanti became a synonym of class. Each wheel can be counted on to deliver upscale style and exceptional durability. You are welcome to choose from various finish options. Chrome wheels, black rims, and custom-painted wheels are all gathered under one roof. Asanti wheels are also offered in sizes varying from 18″ to 34″ in diameter. So, no matter what vehicle you have, Asanti has the right set of custom wheels for you. And if your perfect Asanti wheel is not there, the company’s designers will gladly create it for you.

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